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The primary goal of team and athlete sponsorship is to increase brand recognition and consumer loyalty by associating the company with a popular and successful sports team or athlete.

Sponsorship programs for your product include product gear, apparel, and cash incentives. Whether your interest is in grassroots running clubs or professional cyclists, we will design an impressive sampling program that reaches your target demographics and market regions without blowing your budget.

Benefits can include exposure through advertising and branding on team or athlete apparel, equipment, and merchandise; VIP access to events and experiences; and the use of team or athlete images and content in advertising and marketing campaigns.

In addition to the promotional benefits, sponsorship can also provide opportunities for companies to engage with consumers through experiential marketing, such as hosting events and meet-and-greets with athletes.

Overall, team and athlete sponsorship can be a valuable marketing strategy for companies looking to increase brand recognition and consumer loyalty by associating themselves with popular and successful sports teams and athletes. It can also provide benefits to the sponsored teams and athletes, including financial support and access to valuable resources and experiences.

team sponsorship and event sampling
What’s Included
  • Research and identify target teams and athletes
  • Negotiate sponsorships
  • Create visuals such as apparel and stickers
  • Sign agreements with teams and athletes to promote products
  • Ship products and giveaways
  • Provide photo recap and sponsorship evaluation

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