On-Site Sampling

team serving on-site samples at an event
Meet your consumer demographic

On-site sampling is a marketing strategy that involves offering free product samples to potential customers at a specific location or event. The goal is to provide consumers with an opportunity to try a product before they buy it, with the hope that they will like the product and purchase it in the future.

SPN’s efficient field marketing programs provide all-inclusive, high volume distribution of samples on-site. Our extensive event database includes the ideal experiential product sampling program to meet your consumer demographic.

This technique can be an effective way to generate interest in a new product or to increase sales of an existing product. It can also help companies to gather feedback from consumers, which can be used to improve the product and tailor marketing messages to better resonate with the target audience.

This type of marketing can take place at a variety of locations, such as retail stores, trade shows, concerts, festivals, or other events where there is a large concentration of potential customers. Companies may use trained representatives or brand ambassadors to distribute the samples and engage with consumers, explaining the features and benefits of the product and collecting feedback.

on-site event sampling with happy consumers
What’s Included
  • Negotiate sponsorship
  • Create visuals such as tents, banners, t-shirts, and more!
  • Provide storage and shipping
  • Hire and train staff
  • Assemble booth
  • Promote and sample products at events
  • Return shipping
  • Provide photo recap and event evaluation

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