Goody Bag & Finish Area Sampling

goody bag event sampling
A cost efficient tactic

Create a 360º experience for your consumer combining goody bags and finish line sampling with logo inclusion in event material, banner placement, and product plugs. Product samples, coupons and literature are included in race packets and bags or distributed by volunteers at event finish lines. This involves handing out small bags or packages containing samples of a product or a variety of products to people, often at events or in public places.

Goody bag sampling is typically used as part of a broader marketing campaign to generate brand awareness and promote new or existing products. It can also be used to thank existing customers for their loyalty.

Bags may contain a variety of products, such as snacks, or small gifts, and are often customized to the target audience or event. For example, a goody bag at a health and wellness expo might contain samples of health foods or supplements, while at a an athletic race, it might contain promotional items from sponsors.

Overall, goody bag sampling can be an effective way to generate interest and engagement with a brand or product, and to encourage people to try and buy products in the future.

race finishers and all of their samples
What’s Included
  • Research and identify prime target events and venues
  • Create visuals such as apparel and bags (optional)
  • Provide storage and shipping
  • Distribute sample products in bags or individually at finish
  • Provide program recap

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