Specialized Promotions Network (SPN) has been on the forefront of product sampling since 1982. SPN’s philosophy is that grassroots event sampling is the most effective way to reach target consumers. Receiving a sample in the context of an enjoyable, relevant, social event increases trial, brand awareness, and potential conversion to brand loyalty.

Why is Sampling Important?

We Investigate…


is your target consumer?


can we meet them?


do we engage?


do we reach the target?

Before “experiential marketing” existed and before “event marketing” and “sampling” were even marketing terms, SPN was blazing the trail, handing out rice and cans of tuna at events. We were some of the first to try it, and the immediate reaction from consumers drove us to establish the sampling practices that in today’s digital world are one of the most relevant and highly effective marketing tactics.

Many sampling companies promote the same capabilities. It’s knowing how to execute that counts. At SPN, that’s what we specialize in, and it’s the intricacies of creating and implementing the right plan for your brand that we know inside out. Whether it’s event on-site sampling, goody bag sampling, athlete sponsorships, or guerrilla or intercept sampling, we are meticulous in fine-tuning our methods to provide the most effective program possible. We cut, cook, chill, freeze, blend, drive, wear and toss product samples at every kind of venue you can imagine while constantly innovating new ways to do it.

thousand event activations managed
million consumers reached
brand’s products distributed
million samples distributed

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